Bank Manager

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Bank Manager is a LIMS for blood transfusion laboratories. Patient safety is its highest priority. Bank Manager prevents errors before they happen rather than to report them after the event.

Web Technology gives speed – robustness - minimal network traffic – easier upgrade path – no application software on PCs. Total Uptime has been 99.9978% over a combined total of 26 years of customer use. Bank Manager runs on the hospital network – Existing PCs can be used - Logon id & password required. Bank Manager is a Stand Alone Database as required by UK Guidelines Interchange of data with other systems (Analysers, PAS, EPR, Tracking Systems, Order Comms, NHSBT)

Safety includes - Interfaces to automated analysers - Comprehensive manual and electronic crossmatch rules – Safeguards against record duplication - patient Alias linking - Full patient antibody history is accessible and used in unit compatibility rules - Previous blood groups cannot be seen when manually entering results - ‘Conflicting' sample results must be resolved before proceeding further - Sample details have to be verified - Cross match labels have to be check scanned to ensure the right label is on the right pack Audit Trails are available for EVERYTHING – Records show – When – Who – Where - What was Changed – Before value - After value.

BCSH Guidelines compliant.
Reports include Fixed Reports (Wastage, MHRA, SABRE etc) – Configurable reports – Data Extracts. Ward Viewing for Samples suitable for issue – Product request status and location. Sussex Biologicals has documented procedures for Development, IQ and OQ. Remote Support via N3 access for problem resolution and maintenance tasks. Data Storage is for 30+ years - Simple retrieval.